New & Noteworthy is Metal Insider’s weekly column highlighting some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. The last of February releases arrived on Friday (24th). Which ones did you listen to over the weekend? We were blasting to the new Insomnium! Don’t forget to check out February’s playlist. Enjoy!


Air Raid, Fatal Encounter (High Roller)

Sweden. Heavy metal.







Big|Brave, Nature Morte (Thrill Jockey)

Canada. Experimental metal.







Bodyfarm, Ultimate Abomination (Edged Circle)

Netherlands. Death metal.







Dark Embrace, Dark Heavy Metal (Massacre)

Spain. Symphonic/melodic death metal.







Death Pill, Death Pill (New Heavy Sounds)

Hardcore punk







Dope, Blood Money Part Zer0 (Self)

Industrial metal.







Enemy of Reality, Where Truth May Lie

Greece. Symphonic metal.







Godsmack, Lighting Up The Sky (BMG)

Massachusetts. Hard rock.







Hammerhedd, Nonetheless

Kansas City. Progressive/thrash metal.







Heidevolk, Wederkeer (Napalm)

Netherlands. Folk metal.







Host, IX (Nuclear Blast)

New project featuring Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes and guitarist Greg Mackintosh.






Hypno5e, Sheol (Pelagic)

France. Avant-garde metal.







Idolatrous, Sorrow on Midgard

Portland, Oregon. Melodic death metal. 







Insomnium, Anno 1696 (Century Media)

Finland. Melodic death metal.







Megaton Sword, Might & Power (Dying Victims)

Switzerland. Heavy metal.







Mortalus, We Are Human

Thrash metal. 







Motorhead, Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic (Silver Lining)








No Spill Blood, Eye Of Night (Svart)








Omega Infinity, The Anticurrent (Season Of Mist)

Germany/Australia. Black/death metal.







Sarcoptes, Prayers to Oblivion (Transcending Obscurity Records)

California. Black metal. 







Siena Root, Revelation (Atomic Fire)

Sweden. Hard Rock.







Steel Panther, On The Prowl 

California. Comedic glam metal.







Stoner, Boogie To Baja (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Stoner rock.







Venomous Concept, The Good Ship Lollipop

Hardcore punk.