Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine: Death Tribe’s Anthony Kaoteon – “learn something new and stay active”

Posted by on May 11, 2020


Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine is Metal Insider’s new column during this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked artists five questions on what’s been keeping them busy ranging from their favorite movies, food they’ve been eating, music they’ve been listening to and more. We caught up with Death Tribe’s Anthony Kaoteon as he’s been spending this time catching up on the Cosmos docuseries. 


What have you been doing to pass time during Quarantine?

I work at PepsiCo during the day and that has been pretty busy but musically too as I finished the 2nd Death Tribe album with amazing musicians. Baard from Leprous on drums, Linus from Obscura on Bass and Chris from The Bent Knee on Violins! Can’t wait to share the music.


Have you been listening to any music or have any playlists worth checking out?

Checking out a lot of music recently but Me and That Man’s latest album stands out.


A lot of people have been spending this time cooking including making their own bread, what food have you been prepping during this time?

I have been vegan for two years and there are so many new tastes everyday. This week we baked an apple taart that tasted amazing with plant based butter and cream topped with vegan Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!


In terms of entertainment, what movies, TV shows, books, or games have been keeping you busy?

Besides shows, I am turning to documentaries. check out Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson  if you still haven’t.


What advice do you have for your fans in isolation during this time?

Use the time to build a skill, learn something new and stay active. I wrote an article for Musicradar on how to stay active during lockdown as I lived quite sometime during lockdown in war zones.


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