Metal By Numbers 8/3: Nine Inch Nails add some violence to the charts

Posted by on August 3, 2017

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

I wasn’t here last week to do the charts and comment on the passing of Chester Bennington, but I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said better elsewhere. Linkin Park weren’t one of my favorite bands growing up, but I certainly remember when “Numb” was playing everywhere and how formative they were for kids back then. In slightly happier news, Nine Inch Nails have a new release, which is always an event on Metal By Numbers. Also, I’ve only got general sales numbers for you this week, so no chart positions and some notable bands might be missing.

Notable Debuts: 
Nine Inch Nails, Add Violence (The Null Corporation)
24,000 sold
This year started off with a new NIN EP. This second one sold a little bit under the first.
In This Moment, Ritual (Atlantic/Roadrunner Records)
22,000 sold
Maria Brink and company release their sixth album, which doesn’t debut quite as high as 2014’s Black Widow but is their second best debut to date.
Polyphia, The Most Hated (Self-Released)
4,600 sold
This new EP follows the bands sophomore LP from last year.
Mr. Big, Defying Gravity (Frontiers)
2,900 sold
The band’s ninth album ended up selling more than its predecessor.
Wintersun, The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)
2,800 sold
Wintersun’s crowdfunded third LP didn’t do quite as well as the band’s 2012 return.
Ded, Mis•an•thrope (Surestone)
2,600 sold
This is the debut album from this new nu metal band.
Decrepit Birth, Axis Mundi (Nuclear Blast)
1,500 sold
The band’s fourth album is their first in seven years.
Trapped Under Ice, Heatwave (Pop Wig Records)
1,150 sold
The band’s third album is their first since reuniting.
To Speak Of Wolves, Dead In The Shadow (Solid State)
600 sold
This is the metalcore band’s third album.
Tau Cross, Pillar Of Fire (Relapse)
600 sold
This is the band’s second full-length.
Shattered Sun, The Evolution Of Anger (Victory Records)
600 sold
The band’s second album follows up their buzzworthy debut.
Cytotoxin, Gammageddon (Unique Leader)
250 sold
This is the German band’s third album.
Unisonic, Live in Wacken (Ear Music)
200 sold
This is the band’s first live album.
Notable Sales:
Linkin Park, One More Light (Warner Bros.)
32,000 sold

Even more copies of the new Linkin Park album sold this week.





metallicahardwiredMetallica, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct (Blackened)
5,500 sold

A 16% drop.





Incubus, 8 (Island) 
4,900 sold
Tour sales continues to give this boosts.





Nickelback, Feed the Machine (BMG)
4,200 sold
A 14% drop.





Stone SourHydrograd (Roadrunner)
3,000 sold

This drops by more than half from last week.





Motionless In White, Graveyard Shift (Roadrunner)
2,100 sold
This gets boosted back up.

I Prevail - Lifelines

I Prevail, Lifelines (Fearless)
1,300 sold

A 13% drop.





Rise Against, Wolves (Virgin)
1,200 sold
This sold roughly the same as last week.
Silverstein, Dead Reflection (Rise)
1,200 sold
A big 88% drop in week two.

Seether, Poison The Parish (Canine Riot)
1,000 sold

A 29% drop.






Skillet, Unleashed (Atlantic)
900 sold

Over 200,000 sold


Hundredth, Rare (Hopeless Records)
800 sold
A small dip in sales from last week.





The Acacia Strain, Gravebloom (Rise)
800 sold

An 18% drop.








Volbeat, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie (Universal)
700 sold

Over 152,000 sold so far.



 Sworn In, All Smiles (Fearless)
500 sold
This again sells about the same as last week.
Dying Fetus, Wrong One To Fuck With (Relapse)
400 sold
A 20% drop. Fuck.



Decapitated, Anticult (Nuclear Blast)
400 sold

A 37% drop.





Municipal Waste, Slime and Punishment (Nuclear Blast)
350 sold
6,200 sold so far.





Boris, Dear (Sargent House)
Debut #117
300 sold

These guys will be touring with Mutoid Man in the fall.





Dayseeker, Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising  (Spinefarm)
300 sold

An 80% drop in week two.

Alestorm, No Grave But The Sea (Napalm)
300 sold
Another small boost in sales.




Bloodclot, Up In Arms (Metal Blade)
300 sold
A 62% drop in week two.

Melvins, A Walk With Love And Death (Ipecac Recordings)
200 sold
Nearly 3,000 sold.
Origin, Unparalleled Universe (Nuclear Blast)
200 sold
A 46% drop.


Knocked Loose, Laugh Tracks (Pure Noise)
200 sold

Over 11,000 sold.





Suffocation, Of The Dark Light (Nuclear Blast)
200 sold
7,000 sold so far.




Integrity, Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume (Relapse)
200 sold
An 83% second week drop.
Goatwhore, Vengeful Ascension (Metal Blade)
200 sold
5,000 sold thus far.

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