Bummed that Eric Avery (formerly of Jane’s Addiction) left the reactivated Nine Inch Nails without playing one show? Then you’ll enjoy hearing that former guitarist Robin Finck has rejoined the group.

“It just didn’t feel like @NineInchNails without Robin Finck. Now it does,” Trent Reznor himself tweeted along with the picture above of him and Finck rehearsing. In case that wasn’t enough proof, Nine Inch Nails confirmed Finck’s return via a separate tweet, saying “#FollowFriday @robinfincktwits. He’s back in the band. Maybe he’ll come back to Twitter. #NIN2013.”

To be frank, this news has us really excited. When Reznor announced he was reforming Nine Inch Nails, we were a tad disappointed that Finck’s name wasn’t included in the new lineup. Finck’s style of playing, both onstage and in the studio, became a major part of NIN. Hell, Finck was arguably one of the best things about Axl Rose’s new Guns N’ Roses (which he was a part of from 1997 to 2009). Granted, this isn’t the first time Finck rejoined NIN, but we’re still glad to see him back with Reznor.