You may have seem our Boxscore rundown, which consists in tour earnings and attendance of your favorite rock and metal artists around the globe. Billboard provides the industry with a weekly summary of these numbers and now they published an annual summary of all of them and came up with the list of their highest grossing tours in 2015 and they include a couple of rock bands you may know of.

Among the top on the list, you will find your usual pop artists like Taylor Swift or One Direction, with some staggering numbers that surprise no one, but below them, you will see some familiar names like U2, The Rolling Stones, Rush and The Foo Fighters, showing just how much money these bands really make in a year of touring.


Sure, considering who these bands are, it makes sense their numbers reach over $29M in a year but, just to add some fun into the success of these bands: Most of them made that much money by playing at least 20 shows in the entire year…except The Grateful Dead, who made $52 million dollars in 5 freaking days! That’s 3 times more than what Taylor Swift made per day so it’s clear who were the real winners here: The drug dealers at those Grateful Dead shows.