Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
For some godforsaken reason, I’ve been hearing more country music at my day job lately. Now, not all country is bad, but the last place I want to hear it (besides my own car) is at work. And believe me, people still love this shit because I see it on the charts all the time. They all sound exactly like Bo Burnham’s “Country Song.” I’ll be the first to tell you that there are many metal bands that sound the same whether its instrumentation or lyrical content, but I’d rather hear 100 songs about Satan or someone’s skull getting crushed than 5 songs about pick-up trucks and trying to justify displaying the Confederate Flag. Ever hear “Accidental Racist?” If cringe was a person they would cringe at that song. Bleh. Okay, rant over. Have some metal.
Notable Debuts:
Ulthar, Providence (20 Buck Spin)
Debut #95
750 sold
This is the band’s second album.
Michael Angelo Batio, More Machine Than Man (Rat Pak)
Debut #103
700 sold
This is Batio’s eighth studio album.
Aversions Crown, Hell Will Come For Us All (Nuclear Blast)
Debut #112
580 sold
This is the band’s fourth studio album.
Blue Öyster Cult, iHeart Radio Theater N.Y.C. 2012 (Frontiers)
Debut #130
500 sold
This is the band’s third live release in 2020.
House Of Lords, New World – New Eyes (Frontiers)
Debut #178
390 sold
This is the band’s 12th studio album.
Living Gate, Deathlust (Relapse)
Debut #200
340 sold
This is the band’s debut EP.


Clint Lowery, Grief & Distance EP (Rise)
300 sold
This is the Sevendust guitarist’s second release this year after his debut LP.
Lightworker, Fury By Failure(Solid State)
290 sold
This is the band’s debut album.
Behold… The Arctopus, Hapeleptic Overtrove(Willowtip)
240 sold
This is the band’s fourth studio album.
Power Trip, Live In Seattle 05.28.2018 (Dark Operative)
160 sold
This surprise release is Power Trip’s first live album.
Notable Sales:
Five Finger Death Punch, F8(Better Noise)
#32 (from 29)
2,050 sold
A 7% boost with over 85,000 sold.
Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man (Epic)
#35 (from 39)
1,900 sold
A 18% boost.
Pearl Jam, Gigaton (Monkeywrench Records/Republic Records)
#60 (from 62)
1,100 sold
A 7% boost with just under 85,000 sold.
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Greatest Hits(Sony Legacy)
#66 (from 83)
980 sold
A 24% boost.
#75 (from 63)
900 sold
Only a 12% drop in week two.
Tool, Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional LLC/Volcano)
#76 (from 72)
890 sold
A 2% boost.
The Ghost Inside, The Ghost Inside (Epitaph)
#93 (from 4)
760 sold
A 88% drop in week two.
Various Artists, The Many Faces of Metallica(Music Brokers Arg)
#119 (from 99)
550 sold
A 16% drop.
In This Moment, Mother (Roadrunner)
#120 (from 100)
550 sold
A 16% drop with just under 25,000 sold.
Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner)
#125 (from 132)
510 sold
A 5% boost.
Breaking Benjamin, Aurora (Hollywood)
#143 (from 132)
460 sold
A 6% drop.
KoRn, The Nothing (Roadrunner)
#148 (from 182)
450 sold
A 23% boost.
Mötley Crüe, The Dirt Soundtrack(Eleven Seven)
#149 (from 168)
450 sold
A 10% boost.
Danzig, Sings Elvis(Cleopatra)
#160 (re-entry)
420 sold
This get a large 124% boost back up.
#162 (from 168)
420 sold
A 3% boost.
Trivium, What The Dead Men Say(Roadrunner)
#163 (from 162)
420 sold
A tiny 1% drop.
Bad Wolves, N.A.T.I.O.N.(Eleven Seven)
#170 (from 183)
400 sold
A 13% boost.

Godsmack, When Legends Rise (BMG)
#182 (from 171)
390 sold

A 4% drop.

The Hu, The Gereg(Eleven Seven)
340 sold
A 4% drop.

Exhumed/Gruesome, Twisted Horror (Relapse)
340 sold

A 51% drop in week two.






Currents, The Way It Ends (SharpTone)
330 sold

I somehow missed this last week. It debuted with 2,900 sold. We also interviewed the band a month ago as a part of our Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine column.





Alestorm, Curse Of The Crystal Coconut (Napalm)
310 sold
A 43% drop.
Covet, technicolor (Triple Crown)
200 sold
A 90% drop in week two.
Havok, V(Century Media)
100 sold
A 47% boost brings this back up.


Heilung, Futha (Season Of Mist)
100 sold
A 12% boost up with over 10,000 sold.
Paradise Lost, Obsidian (Nuclear Blast)
100 sold
A 36% drop.
Deathbreaker, Isolate (Facedown)
100 sold
This got boosted back up after dropping off last week.
Vader, Solitude In Madness (Nuclear Blast)
100 sold
A boost of 1% was enough to bring this up.