Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

So, apparently every band in the whole damn world had an album debut this week. But there are a lot of awesome bands and albums in there, particularly Protest The Hero and Skeletonwitch, who both have their best debuts yet. But there always seems to be four or five new metalcore bands that make their way in because, well, we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.


Notable Debuts:

Linkin Park, Recharged (Warner Bros.) #10, 32,600 sold

Linkin Park’s second remix album debuts in the top 10, yet we’re kind of numb to their encore.


Seether, Seether 2002-2013 (Wind-Up) #21, 10,575 sold

Preceding their upcoming studio album, the band have released a two-disc compilation album. It features a cover of Veruca Salt’s “Seether.” How meta is that?


Protest The Hero, Volition (Razor & Tie) #32, 8,775 sold

The band gets its best debut yet with album number four. Well done, boys.


Skeletonwitch, Serpents Unleashed (Prosthetic) #61, 5,550 sold

Skeletonwitch also unleash a solid debut with album number four.


Erra, Augment (Tragic Hero) #108, 3,525 sold

This prog-metalcore group gets its debut album on the charts.


Russian Circles, Memorial (Sargent House) #125, 3,150 sold

Looks like people were russian out to buy the instrumental post-rockers’ fifth album.


Winds Of Plague, Resistance (Century Media) #147, 2,775 sold

The deathcore band’s fourth album features a number of guest musicians.


Kill Devil Hill, Revolution Rise (Century Media) #186, 2,150 sold

The metal supergroup gets album number two on the charts.


Toxic Holocaust, Chemistry of Consciousness (Relapse) 1,500 sold

This is the fifth album from the Portland, Oregon death metallers.


Warbringer, IV: Empires Collapse (Century Media) 1,375 sold

Warbringer bring their fourth album upon the masses.


Ayreon, The Theory Of Everything (Inside Out) 1,350 sold

Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s latest project is the start of a new storyline after the previous one concluded in 2008 with 01011001.


Kataklysm, Waiting For The End To Come (Nuclear Blast) 1,325 sold

The Canadian death metallers have released album number 11.


Myka Relocate, Lies To Light The Way (Razor & Tie) 1,275 sold

This metalcore band makes its way into some sales.


Sirens & Sailors, Skeletons (Razor & Tie) 900 sold

This is the second album from this Rochester, NY metal act.


Dead Letter Circus, The Catalyst Fire (UNFD) 820 sold

Hailing from Australia, this is the band’s second album.


Eye Empire, Evolve (SKH) 770 sold

The supergroup’s third album is out now.


Ihsahn, Das Seelenbrechen (Candlelight) 720 sold

Ihsahn returns with an awesome album title that means “the soul crushing”.


Inquisition, Obscure Versus For The Multiverse (Season Of Mist) 610 sold

The black/thrash metallers are back with album number six.


Hail Of Bullets, III: The Rommel Chronicles (Metal Blade) 530 sold

The Dutch metal band’s third album focuses on World War II German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel.


The Devin Townsend Project, The Retinal Circus (HevyDevy) 500 sold

The one and only Devin Townsend has released a live album that spans his musical career.


Righteous Vendetta, The Fire Inside (EBM) 390

This metal band from Wyoming gets some sales.


Notable Sales:

Avenged Sevenfold, Hail To The King (Warner Bros.) #42, 7,600 sold

At week 10, this is still going strong with nearly 310,000 sold.


Korn, The Paradigm Shift (Prospect Park) #51, 6,350 sold

Nearly 75,000 sold in total.


Five Finger Death Punch, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1 (Prospect Park) #82, 4,675 sold

Not much longer before we see two FFDP albums on the charts.


Motörhead, Aftershock (UDR) #92, 4,125 sold

A second week drop brings this down 63%.


Def Leppard, Viva! Hysteria (Frontier) #105, 3,575 sold

Don’t let a 66% drop make you hysterical.


Nine Inch Nails, Hesitation Marks (Columbia) #120, 3,250 sold

Just under 175,00 sold.


Metallica, Through The Never (Blackened) #135, 2,950 sold

Kirk Hammett has a new horror film festival coming next year.


Alter Bridge, Fortress (Universal) #144, 2,800 sold

A slight 25% drop this week.


Trivium, Vengeance Falls (Roadrunner) #158, 2,575 sold

Just under 25,000 sold thus far.


Volbeat, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Universal/Republic) #169, 2,400 sold

At week 30, this is still grabbing sales with over 140,000 sold.


I See Stars, New Demons (Sumerian) #171, 2,325 sold

This is probably seeing stars after getting knocked down 77% in week 2.


Skillet, Rise (Atlantic), #188, 2,100 sold

This might not rise much further, but it has sold over 175,000.


Glass Cloud, Perfect War Forever (Equal Vision) 670 sold

A 73% drop, but still not too bad for an EP.


Diamond Plate, Pulse (Earache) 670 sold

This gets a big boost of 66% this week.


Pelican, Forever Becoming (Southern Lord) 670 sold

The album has sold over 2,500 thus far.


Gemini Syndrome, Lux (Warner Bros.) 630 sold

The boost stream runs out for this one with a 27% drop.


Fit For A King, Creation/Destruction (Solid State) 630 sold

A 10% boost this week.


Scar The Martyr, Scar The Martyr (Roadrunner) 590 sold

The band’s new music video for “Soul Disintegration” is out now.


Reflections, Exi(s)t (eOne) 560 sold

These guys have upcoming shows with Born Of Osiris and Within The Ruins.


Dayshell, Dayshell (Sumerian) 410 sold

Wondering if this will shell out anymore sales.


Fates Warning, Darkness In a Different Light (Inside Out) 400 sold

A 32% drop  this week.


Throw The Fight, What Doesn’t Kill Us (Bullet Tooth) 310 sold

Even with a 33% drop, this is still hanging on.


Eyes Set To Kill, Masks (Century Media) 350 sold

This gets a 24% boost in sales.


Earthless, From the Ages (Tee Pee) 340 sold

This might not be around much longer with a 12% drop this week.