Here’s Linkin Park’s “Heavy” if it was heavy

Posted by on February 21, 2017

Heard of Bloodywood before? They’re a self-described “parody metal project” that does metal versions of pop songs. Their latest victim? Linkin Park, who very much were a metal band, or at least a nu-metal band, when their first album Hybrid Theory came out. Their latest song, however, “Heavy,” proved very much not to be not all that heavy. In fact, it sounds more like Chainsmokers, who somehow inexplicably had the #1 top 40 song for three months straight last year. Bloodywood has done that song too, so why not take on the new Linkin Park? If you’re a fan of nu-metal, or like the first few Linkin Park albums, this will have you nostalgic for the old times..


[Via Metal Sucks]

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