Metal By Numbers 10/30: Motörhead’s 21st Album Shocks The Charts

Posted by on October 30, 2013

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

When it comes to metal (or really any kind of music), there’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” outlook on a band’s musical direction. If a band changes its sound, there is the risk of fans having an outcry over the new direction. On the other hand, a band that doesn’t change its sound much between albums will cause fans to ask why its the “same stuff over and over”. When it comes to Motörhead and its 21st album, they fall in the latter category namely because 1) They are Motörhead, and 2) They play rock n’ roll. Also, Lemmy just doesn’t give a fuck. With that, here are the numbers for this week.


Notable Debuts:

Motörhead, Aftershock (UDR) #22, 11,025 sold

The band’s European tour might not be happening, but the band is otherwise back and better than ever with a debut that outdoes the past couple of albums.


Def Leppard, Viva! Hysteria (Frontier) #24, 10,475 sold

This live album features the band playing Hysteria in its entirety.


I See Stars, New Demons (Sumerian) #28, 10,075 sold

The band’s fourth album is its best debut yet.


Glass Cloud, Perfect War Forever (Equal Vision) #146, 2,500 sold

Glass Cloud make their highest debut yet with this new EP.
Reflections, Exi(s)t (eOne) #179, 1,925 sold

These Minnesota metallers make their debut (nice alliteration there, eh?)


Diamond Plate, Pulse (Earache) 380 sold

This came out back in August, but the band’s tour with Death Angel is giving it a boost in sales.


Notable Sales:


Avenged Sevenfold, Hail To The King (Warner Bros.) #32, 8,750 sold

This has now sold over 300,000 in total.


Korn, The Paradigm Shift (Prospect Park) #37, 7,775 sold

A 43% drop this week. Think Jonathan Davis still wishes the album had more dubstep?


Five Finger Death Punch, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1 (Prospect Park) #69, 5,200 sold

This isn’t too far off from 275,000 sold.


Trivium, Vengeance Falls (Roadrunner) #82, 4,400 sold

Week 2 brings Trivium’s latest down 74%.


Alter Bridge, Fortress (UNiversal) #97, 3,750 sold

The band apparently has a box set coming out as well.


Nine Inch Nails, Hesitation Marks (Columbia) #83, 3,700 sold

Another week or two and this will be at 175,000 sold.


Metallica, Through The Never (Blackened) #113, 3,450 sold

In case you missed it, Metallica have plans to play Antarctica presumably because they’ve done pretty much everything else already.


Halestorm, ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP (Atlantic) #148, 8,375 sold

A second week 71% drop.


Volbeat, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Universal/Republic) #154, 2,375 sold

Could the band be on tour with Five Finger Death Punch in 2014? We discussed Trespass America’s possible return.


Dream Theater, Dream Theater (Roadrunner) #155, 2,350 sold

The band will have a new live album coming out soon, too.


Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, High Rise  (Play Pen) #106, 2,275 sold

This has sold just under 20,000 so far.


Skillet, Rise (Atlantic), #164, 2,175 sold

This has nearly sold 175,000 in total.


Black Sabbath, 13 (Universal) #188, 1,900 sold

This was missing last week, but it’s back with nearly 325,000 sold.


Red Fang, Whales & Leeches (Relapse) #184, 1,850 sold

Someone leached sales for this one with a 68% drop.


Gemini Syndrome, Lux (Warner Bros.) 870 sold

Sales continue to climb for this album.


Pelican, Forever Becoming (Southern Lord) 720 sold

A 60% drop in week 2.


Dayshell, Dayshell (Sumerian) 670 sold

The band is currently on tour with I See Stars.


Fates Warning, Darkness In a Different Light (Inside Out) 590 sold

Warning: 37% imminent.


Scar The Martyr, Scar The Martyr (Roadrunner) 580 sold

The band’s upcoming tour with Korn and Rob Zombie will likely give this a boost.


Fit For A King, Creation/Destruction (Solid State) 570 sold

For this band, these sales are probably considered fit for a king.


The Browning, Hypernova (Earache) 460 sold

If the band was called The Bluing instead, they could use this guy as a mascot.
Earthless, From the Ages (Tee Pee) 400 sold

This has sold about 2,000 copies so far.


Oceano, Incisions (Earache) 330 sold

This dropped off the charts last week, but is back with a 13% boost.


Dangerkids, Collapse (Rise) 320 sold

The band’s tour with We Came As Romans is liking keeping this afloat.


Rivers of Nihil, The Conscious Seed of Light (Metal Blade) 280 sold

The band is nearing the end of its tour with Dying Fetus.


Eyes Set To Kill, Masks (Century Media) 280 sold

The band is currently touring with Kill Devil Hill.

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