Jonathan Davis wanted lots more dubstep on Korn album

Posted by on October 29, 2013

Korn-The-Paradigm-Shift-620x620It can’t be that surprising coming from a man whose alter ego is EDM DJ “J Devil,” but according to Revolver, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis wanted the band’s new album, The Paradigm Shift, to be even more electronic. The band’s last album, The Path of Totality, was influenced heavily by EDM and dubstep, but the return of Brian “Head” Welch had an influence on the new album’s sound.

“In late spring, Davis was feeling better, and he was able to provide constructive criticism of the 25 songs his bandmates had demoed. He was excited about what he heard, but he also wanted to continue some of the electronic direction of The Path Of Totality. When he expressed this to Head, it became clear that the two were not on the same page.

“I was like, ‘Wait! I didn’t come back to do an electronic album!’” the guitarist says.

“Head kept saying, ‘I wanna do a metal record! I wanna do a metal record!’” Davis remembers. “I was like, ‘Bro, you’ve been gone eight years. We already made those records.’ With our last album, which was filled with dubstep and EDM beats we thought, man, this is so different and new. Let’s keep going with this.”

And if you’re on the bandwagon of hating “Never Never,” you have Davis, who said the song was ‘for the ladies,’ to blame, as he wrote the song. The article states that songs like that, where there is a subtle electronic breakdown, was the result of a compromise between Davis and his returning axeman.

“If it was up to me, we’d have way more electronics, but we compromised, and I’m so glad we did,” Davis says. “Pushing and pulling against each other helped us make our best album ever.”

Welch agrees. “The electronic parts are sprinkled in the songs in a really good way,” he says. “I mean, 95 percent of the album sounds like old Korn. It’s just mixed with some newer sounds.”

Best album ever? Hmm. Has the band not heard their first three albums? Regardless, most Korn fans (and there are a lot out there) like the album, and Head’s return was enough to give it a top ten debut.

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