Headbangers Brawl: What tour are you looking most forward to?

Posted by on August 15, 2014

Usually, for Headbanger’s Brawl, we’ll pick a topic that might lead to some general disagreement of opinions. This week, what we’ll be arguing about is purely subjective, and there isn’t really a wrong answer. It’s been a busy few weeks, with plenty of fall and winter tours being announced. So this week’s debate is a simple one – what Fall or Winter tour are you most looking forward to?

Bram: Everyone wins for the rest of the year – there are some amazing tours happening. If you’re a death metal fan, you can’t go wrong with seeing Carcass and Obituary touring together with Macabre, Exhumed and Noisem supporting. That’ll be a good one. The Opeth/In Flames/Red Fang tour is also up there, even if it seems like none  of those three bands have that much in common with each other. I’m personally looking forward to seeing Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, since I’ve only recently gotten into them. And while it’ll be fun to see Amon Amarth again (with Sabaton and Skeletonwitch), I wouldn’t get my hopes up unless they’re able to bring the boat with them this time.


Chip: I’m an old man and it’s super rare that I travel outside CT for shows anymore.  So while I would love to say something like that Belphegor/Rotting Christ tour I also know I’m not traveling down to NYC on a Wednesday night…because I’m old.  (Although the thought of seeing King Diamond again has me thinking…)  So that honestly doesn’t leave much.  I am very excited to see Amon Amarth again because I love them and so does my 14 year old daughter (who is quickly turning into my ‘show buddy’ now when the shows are all ages).   One tour that isn’t going to light up the switchboards but isn’t to be missed is the Honduran/Drunk Dad tour.  Two rad bands going coast to coast this Fall.  Look them up.    


Matt: Matt: I missed the ridiculous bill of Mastodon, Gorjira, and Kvelertak from earlier this year, so I was pretty excited when I heard they’d be coming once more ’round the sun (wink wink, nudge nudge) so I could get a second chance. Plus, now that the new album is out, Mastodon will undoubtedly be including more material from it in their set. I also wouldn’t mind going to see Eluveitie, the band having just released its excellent new album Origins. However, I can easily say that I’m most excited for the return of the one and only King Diamond. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen him in action, or at least on a proper tour, so it should be great to see him back on stage again.

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