Headbangers Brawl 2/1: Our Predictions For The 2013 Revolver Golden Gods

Posted by on February 1, 2013

BEST LIVE BAND presented by Samson/Zoom

Zach: I’d love to see almost every nominated band in this category win for their live performance. For the most part, they each put on an amazing show. With that said, I think it’ll be Five Finger Death Punch who win because the fact that Jeremy Spencer won best drummer at last year’s show is proof that Revolver Magazine readers (most of whom are FFDP fans) determine who wins.

Kodi: It’s a little sad that the band who’s likely going to win here (FFDP) is a rightful David against five infamous, totally ridiculous live Goliaths.

Bram: I’m going to give this one to Slipknot or Lamb of God. In a worst-case scenario, it’ll be a symbolic (but nonetheless deserved) win for a band whose lead singer is incarcerated, although we hope not. And Slipknot is, well, Slipknot.

Matt: Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see any of these bands live. Considering all the shit they’ve been through, I going to say Lamb of God has this one.



Zach: As crazy as this may sound, I really think Tenacious D should win. The opening line in “Rize Of The Fenix” perfectly explains why their comeback is nothing short of a victory. And though I think the D have a strong chance of actually winning, I think it’ll ultimately go to Soundgarden.

Kodi: I actually flinched when I saw Refused on here because of how stupidly awesome it would be for them to win.  Quicksand, too?  Well, alright then!  Soundgarden is probably a lock though, and I have no problem with that.

Bram: Some people probably don’t even know who some of these bands are. I think even Aerosmith would admit their new album was a stiff that no one cares about. Quicksand and Refused made a small number of people, mostly on the coasts, very happy, but neither band has plans on releasing new music. Soundgarden will win.

Matt: I’ll be really surprised if Soundgarden doesn’t win this one. Frankly, I’d say they deserve it. However, I would not be against The Darkness winning. I mean come on, “Everybody Have A Good Time” rocks and you know it.



Zach: “I Ejaculate Fire” winning a song of the year award from anyone would simply be awesome. But not to sound like a broken record, young die-hard fans = Golden Gods wins. Thus, it’ll either go to Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides or Asking Alexandria (all three of whom are proof of my theory surrounding the Golden Gods winners). I’d personally prefer A7X to win, but wouldn’t rule out the other two bands’ chances of winning.

Kodi: I concur with Zach, both in my pick and what I think will actually win.  I’ll go a little further though and call it for Avenged Sevenfold, since I think their following is crazier than Asking Alexandria’s, and Black Veil Brides is up for a different award that is definitely going to them.

Bram: Are these songs supposed to be popular? I’ll give it to BVB or Asking Alexandria, since both seem to have fans that crawl out of the woodwork to buy their albums the first week or vote for them to win Golden Gods awards. But Dethklok deserves to win.

Matt: “I Ejaculate Fire” by Dethklok should win based on the name alone. It helps that the song does in fact kick a substantial amount of ass and comes with an extremely literal (and hilarious) video. I’m think that either Halestorm or Avegend Sevenfold will probably end up taking this one, though.

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