Headbangers Brawl 2/1: Our Predictions For The 2013 Revolver Golden Gods

Posted by on February 1, 2013

BEST VOCALIST presented by Rockstar Energy Drink

Zach: I really think Philip Anselmo should be the frontrunner for this award. However, as past years has proven, it’s the bands that have the most active fans who read Revolver that win big. With that said, I think Lzzy Halestorm is going to pull an upset and win. Revolver loves Halestorm, which is further proven by the fact that they are performing that evening. And they do have a strong following (or at least fans willing to vote multiple times).

Kodi: I’m a fanboy for Chris Cornell, but he didn’t do anything that shocked me on King Animal.  Chino Moreno, on the other hand, turned in one of his most dynamic performances yet on Koi No Yokan and would be my pick here.  That said, Lzzy Hale is probably a lock to win.

Bram: Lzzy Hale is a hell of a vocalist. I’m not sure how “metal” she is, and the fact that she writes an advice column for Revolver probably helped her and her band get nominated, but she really can wail. Aside from that, I’d hand it to Chino. He put in a hell of a performance on Koi No Yokan.

Matt: I would absolutely love to see Chino Moreno win this. He’s always been great and is in absolute top form on Koi No Yokan. Hell, I’d say “Tempest” is one of his best vocal performances ever, and that’s saying something. However, it’s more likely that the award will go to Lzzy Hale what with all the attention Halestorm has been getting.



Zach: Ghost and Kvelertak (two bands we predict to break even bigger in 2013) should win hands down. However (as I said above) bands that have the most active fans who read Revolver that win big at the awards. That’s why I have a bad hunch that Of Mice & Men could win this. Then again, Ghost’s following has certainly grown and have become very loyal. So they in my mind still have the best chance of winning.

Kodi: Device doesn’t even have anything out yet…how does that get them shortlisted beyond the people involved?  Ghost and Kvelertak are two of the most exciting bands we’ve had in recent years, and while I’d be fine with either winning, it’s hard to imagine their fans mobilizing in the way that the metalcore nominees’ fans can.  Miss May I’s headlining stint on last fall’s AP Tour was a huge boost to their profile.  I could see them taking it over Of Mice & Men, though it’ll be a tough fight between both fanbases.

Bram: The cynic in me says that the same people that anointed Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides kings of the Golden Gods will coalesce and make one of the three bands that nobody’s heard of the pick. But I agree with Kodi that nominating a band (Device) that has no music out yet and whose album won’t even be a month old when the awards happen is a travesty. Both Ghost and Kvelertak have compelling live shows; Ghost’s for the theatricality and Kvelertak’s for their reckless abandon and energy. I’ll be annoyed, but not surprised if neither wins.

Matt: Ghost without a doubt. They’ve risen through the ranks fast and with good reason. Kvelertak is the other serious candidate and, frankly, the idea of any other band winning besides these two would be a big misstep.


MOST METAL ATHLETE presented by Roadrunner Records

Zach: Chris Jericho is hosting again, right? Yeah? The Triple H will win by default.

Kodi: Only one athlete on this last has a name that’s vaguely parodied by the dude from Liturgy.  That’s Triple H.  Also, he looks like a Viking.

Bram: Who gives a shit?

Matt: What is this? I don’t even…

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