Earlier this week, our buds at Metal Sucks discovered something pretty cool: The Night Flight Orchestra, featuring none other than Soilwork singer Björn “Speed” Strid and Arch Enemy bassist Sharlee D’Angelo. Though this project (also featuring members of Mean Streak and Von Benzo) has apparently been in the works for a while now, The Night Flight Orchestra recently premiered a new song called “West Ruth Ave” via Coroner Records’ Facebook page. And much to our surprise, the song sounds like it could’ve literally been recorded in the 70’s.

No serious, imagine if old Scorpions got it on with disco era KISS and gave birth to another band. Their love child would be The Night Flight Orchestra. And here’s the even crazier thing: it sounds pretty awesome. It’s such an unusual thing to hear Strid singing like he was in Toto, but he really pulls it off! Listen to “West Ruth Ave” over at Coroner Records’ Facebook page and tell us it’s not catchy as hell. We dare you!

And in case you want to hear more, two other songs that The Night Flight Orchestra posted on their Facebook page a year ago can be heard in the videos after the jump. The group’s album Internal Affairs will reportedly come out on June 8 and is available for pre-order now.




[via Metal Sucks]