Every Time I Die To Play Ball With Jose Canseco?

Posted by on January 24, 2013

A few years back, Zach and I debated over which sport was more metal, baseball or football (trick question, it was hockey). While we came to the conclusion (or at least I did) that football was, in the past few weeks, it’s been all about baseball. First, we found out that former baseball manager Tony LaRussa’s wife was a huge Machine Head fan. And now, via the magic of Twitter, it seems like former MLB slugger Jose Canseco is not only a metalhead, but is going to write lyrics for Every Time I Die.

ETID vocalist Keith Buckley apparently follows Canseco, best known for his stints with the Oakland A’s and the Texas Rangers, on Twitter. Taking Canseco’s tweet that “Song lyrics have always been the most powerful form of social commentary,” Buckley extended the invitation to write some lyrics for the band. After some back and forth, Canseco invited Keith and his brother Jordan to Las Vegas in April.

It also seems like Canseco is familiar enough with Every Time I Die to mention Jordan and regret missing seeing them in 1998, which would have been on one of their first tours. He also name drops Sepultura and Trivium as examples of bands he’d want to write lyrics like. While it’s awesome that Canseco is down with both bands, we’d think of Sepultura as having more social commentary-like lyrics than Trivium. It’ll be interesting to see what the slugger and the singer come up with if this actually works. And it’s really a great testament to the power of Twitter.

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