Video: Rob Zombie’s Commercial For Laundry Detergent Now Online

Posted by on June 16, 2011


When we first heard that Rob Zombie was directing a commercial for the laundry detergent Woolite, we were a bit taken aback. And now, after watching the actual commercial…we’re still taken back by the odd pairing. It’s weird enough to see a detergent commercial that looks like it was filmed on the set of Halloween. But it’s even more bizarre to see pink clothing tortured by an extra from The Devil’s Rejects.

With all that said, it’s actually a pretty clever commercial. “Don’t let detergents torture your clothes. Save them with Woolite,” the commercial’s slogan promotes. Definitely creative, and not as morbid as “don’t let the cheerleader’s bloodstain ruin your good shirt.” However, it still seems a little edgier than most prime time commercials (though would be a good one to play in during CSI).

You can watch the vocalist/horror film director’s PSA for tortured laundry for yourself up top. The commercial can also be seen over at Woolite’s Facebook page. This is probably the last time Metal Insider will ever write a post about detergent.

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