Were Monday night’s slate of crime  procedural dramas the most metal ever? Well, from an actual standpoint of metal, no, but with the Rob Zombie-directed episode of CSI:Miami and Law and Order taking on the Juggalo epidemic in an episode called “Steel Eyed Death,” this wasn’t your mom’s CSI and L&O.

First off, Law and Order always rips stories from the headlines, so it was about time they got around to writing about last year’s horrorcore killings, when someone calling himself Syko Sam killed four people. The episode starts off, not surprisingly, with a family getting killed. Our friend Maura Johnston at The Awl did some research, and not surprisingly found that the Juggalo “family” didn’t like it. In fact, an Australian horrorcorist named Kid Crusher that licensed a video and music for the episode was shocked to find out that they weren’t that positive towards his people, and took to his MySpace account following the episode:

I am pretty pissed off to hear they based the episode on Juggalos and try to make us all look like criminals and real serial killers (and think we would kill kids?!). They never told me the full details on the episode before I signed the contract for the release of my music video, all they told me was it was going to be based upon a Horrorcore Festival and they needed my music and a video for it. I do not support the fact that people that don’t know who we really are, can be quick to say ” ITS A FACT “

And Psychopathic Records act Twiztid also weighed in on the episode:

Im super disappointed that the episode of Law & Order yesterday dealing with Horrorcore portrayed US (the Juggalos) in such a bad light… I understand that the show deals with criminal matters but to take our whole musical genre and following and peg us as unstable shit bags with steak knives to little kids necks is taking it WAY toooooo far! That just simply NOT what we (the Family) represent…. and NBC is way out of line for that shit. Very very tacky NBC….. we BOOOOO you and your half hearted half assed 1sided views.

We didn’t see the full episode, just the preview clips like the one above, but it looks way funnier than the first four minutes of the Tonight Show With Jay Leno we suffered through later that night on the same network.

Meanwhile, the Rob Zombie-directed episode of CSI: Miami looks to have been a pretty good episode as well, combining Rob’s visual flair with the standard look of a CSI episode. It also gave the crew a chance to go on a road trip, out of L.A. and into Miami. Zombie got to direct Malcolm MacDowell, and the preview, featured after the jump, even featured Freya “Virgin Witch,” a song from Rob’s new album.