Rob Zombie: Now Available To Film Bar Mitzvahs

Posted by on May 3, 2011

Ok, so Rob Zombie isn’t really tackling little Irving’s bar mitzvah for his project. Actually, he’s been keeping himself busy preparing for his Summer tour with Slayer and Exodus while breaking in new drummer Ginger Fish. And he’s also in the early stages of filming his 6th production, The Lords Of Salem. But that hasn’t stopped him from taking on some…unusual film projects.

First, the Devil’s Rejects and Halloween director filmed a commercial for Woolite. Yup, nothing misleading about that sentence…Zombie filmed a commercial for a laundry detergent. That’s one way for a musician to turn a profit when albums aren’t. But what makes the concept even weirder is that after looking at pictures taken from the set, it looks like an average horror film by Zombie. That would explain Woolite’s new slogan “The best detergent for getting those tough blood stains out of your torn jumpsuit.” Zombie himself explained that “It’s a very bizarre TV commercial for a product like this. Honestly, I was shocked when they called me to do it.” Yeah, we’re shocked too…The commercial was filmed in mid-April. When it’ll air is yet to be known.

Next, as if a Woolite commercial wasn’t enough bizarreness for you, Zombie also just finished filming comic Tom Papa’s first stand up special called Tom Papa:  Live In New York City. The special was filmed over two days in NYC and will eventually be aired on Comedy Central. It’s odd enough that Zombie helped direct a comedy special, let alone a special featuring the host of NBC’s The Marriage Ref. However, Zombie had worked with Papa previously on his animated film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, in which Papa voiced the titled character (El Superbeasto). Nonetheless, Zombie directing a standup comedy special might be more random than him directing a laundry detergent commercial…actually, that still wins as the oddest thing Zombie’s ever done in his career.

You can check out pictures taken from the set of the Woolite commercial and Tom Papa comedy special online.


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