James Hetfield to appear as cop in Ted Bundy film

Posted by on February 12, 2018

The last time we saw James Hetfield act other than a short cameo on Billions, he was acting like he was really concerned with what Trip had in his bag during Metallica: Through the Never. However, the Metallica frontman will soon be joining his bandmate Lars Ulrich on the silver screen, as he’s joined the cast of Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil, and Vile, a thriller about the relationship between serial killer Ted Bundy and his girlfriend.

Zac Efron will play Bundy and Lily Collins will play his girlfriend, who had no knowledge that her boyfriend was a serial killer. Hetfield will portray a police officer, Bob Hayward. It makes sense that Hetfield will be acting in the film, as it will be directed by Joe Berlinger, who directed Metallica’s documentary Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, as well as the Paradise Lost series of documentaries about the West Memphis Three. In fact, working with the band is what led him to cast Het: 

“Having spent hundreds of hours behind the scenes with James and the rest of Metallica, I have experienced his charisma and powerful presence close up,” says director Joe Berlinger.  “It seemed only natural that he would bring that same power and magnetism to a dramatic role, so when he agreed to my pitch that he be in the movie, I was thrilled.”
Production is already underway for the film, but there’s no release date just yet. 


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