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Metallica’s “Orion” was originally part of “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”

Posted by on December 7, 2017

With the recent reissue of (re)Master of Puppets, Metallica has been sharing fun facts about the album. Drummer, Lars Ulrich was speaking to radio host Andy Hall and mentioned how the instrumental track “Orion” was originally at the end of “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and discussed why they separated the two. “For Metallica making records is […]

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Metallica Offer Free Download Of 1984 Show In Honor Of Cliff Burton

Posted by on September 28, 2012

Yesterday marked the 26th anniversary of the death of legendary Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. In tribute to their fallen bandmate, Metallica have made a free download available of the band playing a show during their “Ride The Lightning Tour”. Recorded on November 22, 1984 at the Le Riff in Toulouse, France, the download features the […]

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Hulk Hogan, Wrestling Legend And… Potential Metallica Bassist?

Posted by on January 27, 2012

Metallica have been in search of a bassist numerous times. Numerous acclaimed bassists, including Primus’ Les Claypool, have at one point auditioned for the coveted role. However, apparently one bassist the band almost played with was…Hulk Hogan? Well that’s what the WWE/WCW wrestling legend is claiming. While visiting UK tabloid The Sun’s offices, The Hulkster […]

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