Will Motörhead’s Headphones Be Louder Than Everyone Else’s?

Posted by on January 3, 2013

Last year, we’d read that Motörhead was launching their own line of headphones. We assumed that, much like their wine, it would only be available in Europe, and a look at the brand’s website confirmed that, as the prices were only in British pounds. But while we were on vacation, word came that they would launching the headphones in America next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It appears that Motörhead will be launching them just in time. They’ll be the only loud rock/metal artist with their own line of branded headphones and earbuds. They might only have that distinction for a little while, as there have been rumors that Slipknot are teaming up with Monster to launch their own line of branded headphones. And while the kid-tested, Lemmy-approved headphones aren’t cheap (ranging in price from $80 – $210), that’s significantly less expensive than the $300 Beats by Dre phones everyone’s wearing these days. They look pretty sturdy, and while we wouldn’t buy a pair without listening to them first, it appears that we might get our chance to do so in America pretty soon.

[via Punknews.org]

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