Maynard James Keenan to write a biography

Posted by on October 1, 2015

You can do a lot when you’re not working on a Tool album, it seems. In the nine-plus years since 10,000 Days was released, Maynard James Keenan will have released two albums and two EPs with Puscifer, a documentary about becoming a winemaker (2010’s Blood Into Wine: The Arizona Stronghold), and a lot of wine from said results of him becoming a winemaker. You can also add “writing a book” to Keenan’s non-Tool-related activities. Here’s what Pusicfer’s page says about his forthcoming biography:

And away we go!
Sarah Jensen wrote:
“We have, as they say, inked the deal.
It’s been a year-long journey of proposals and queries and nibbles and “nope”s, but my amazing agent, Ann Collette, never lost faith in the dream.
The agreement with Backbeat Books is a reality, and the biography of Maynard Keenan is slated for publication next fall.
Lots of work still to be done, but today’s priority: feeling grateful to everybody who’s been there for us throughout this project. That means you!”

While that’s interesting, the funnest thing to read is the comments and replies to said post. Many of them are Tool fanboys and fangirls telling people that Maynard is an artiste, and Tool is a fine piece of art that will be unleashed upon the world when they’re good and ready. It’s enjoyable to see them make excuses for the band and Maynard. That being said, Keenan knows his way around words, so his book, even if it’s not written by him, should be a good read. Maybe worth waiting a little longer for that Tool album.


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