gwar-2012Unless you’ve been incarcerated or have a job at a correctional facility, no one really thinks about what exactly it would entail for a book to be banned at a prison. Thinking about it for a second, it makes sense to keep a normative system regarding the type of material being provided to prisoners, but the last book you’d think about getting banned would be a biographical book by GWAR.

The Virginia Department of Correction sent the following letter, posted by GWAR’s Facebook page, to book publisher Gingko Press Inc. after an inmate attempted to purchase Gwar’s book Let There Be GWAR. As they put it, material in the book: “could be detrimental to the security and good order of the institution and the rehabilitation of offenders” and even lists the pages the thought would be considered not suitable for an inmate.


While the book contains the fictional and real history of the band, it’s hard to understand why anyone would read about space genitalia and decide to riot at the can. Maybe the portrayal of living as a successful metal band where you’d be tempted by drugs and alcohol isn’t what a prisoner in rehab would need to read but we digress.

If you aren’t in prison and would like to know exactly what the book contains to get banned by a prison, you can find that book over at Amazon here.