Kataklysm, Behemoth to release own beers

Posted by on June 12, 2015

As Forrest Gump would say, beer and heavy metal go together like peas and carrots. Whether it be drinking it at a show, if you can stomach the usually outrageous price tag, or just hanging out with your buddies with a record on, alcohol and music go hand in hand. To that matter, two extreme bands have lined up their own line of brews.

Kataklysm has teamed up with Eutropius Brewery to create their own Belgian style blonde ale, which comes in at 6.66% abv. Now that’s metal! The beer is to be released along with their next album Of Ghosts And Gods, with the album dropping July 31 and St. Tabarnak to follow in August. The initial release will start with Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland in the first month, with the rest of Europe, Canada and the United States to follow in the fall.

Their singer Maurizio Iacono had this to say about the topic:

“It‘s a total honor of being asked to partake in such a project. We started with our own hot sauce to start the party for our new record release and now we have the beer to go with it, the music is coming this summer and all this is for our fans. They deserve it! Cheers Tabarnak!“

The Kataklysm nectar of the gods “St.Tabarnak” is coming to life friends \m/ #beer #kataklysm #sttabarnak #worlddomination #alcohol666 #eutropius #ofghostsandgods

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So there. Grab a cold one (or seven, that’s your prerogative) and throw on some new Kataklysm, good things are on the horizon from this band.


Behemoth is also going be releasing their own black IPA, Profanum, with Perun Brewery. I don’t know Polish, so the details other than that and the 5.6% alcohol content elude me. This is also why we have Google Translate.

The details on Youtube read:

“Behemoth stworzył drugie piwo we współpracy z Browarem Perun. Oto “Profanum”, czyli black IPA!”

“Second beer behemoth created in cooperation with the Brewery Perun . Here ‘ Profanum , “or black IPA!”

Magick is… brewing! We are unleashing black IPA beer branded by Behemoth!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joFzHEBXyA8

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