As Slipknot fans know, singer Corey Taylor has been the least optimistic about a new album, saying in many interviews that he still wasn’t ready to record without the late bassist Paul Gray. However, Taylor has started to slightly change his tune about a new Slipknot record in recent interviews. And while performing in Dallas, TX on the An Evening With Corey Taylor tour last Friday (November 18), the singer confirmed that there would be a new Slipknot record…eventually.

While he did state that it’s “still a little too soon” and that they’ve “still got a few years before” they hit the studio, Taylor did assure the crowd that “there will be another Slipknot album.” Considering that (for the most) part Taylor has been playing the “too soon” card regarding a new album since Paul Gray’s death, it’s a pretty good sign for fans to hear Taylor say a new Slipknot album will definitely happen. Sure, it might be a while till the new record actually comes out, but such was expected considering that the band is still healing from the loss of Gray.

But that wasn’t all the singer revealed in Dallas regarding Slipknot’s plans. Taylor also reaffirmed that Slipknot will indeed tour the U.S. this coming Summer, marking the first time they’ve played in the States since Gray’s death. Both Taylor and Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan had previously let it slip that the band would be touring the U.S. this past Summer. However, Taylor’s mini-speech in Dallas comes just a few weeks after Crahan revealed to Billboard that Slipknot would be touring from mid June to mid August. We said it before, but that time frame certainly resembles that of a certain touring festival (cough, Mayhem, cough). We’ll just have to wait and see if Slipknot’s Summer plans include a headlining gig on a particular touring festival or not.

You can watch video of Taylor talking about Slipknot’s upcoming touring and recording plans in Dallas, TX above.

[via Metal Sucks]