Date stuff: Fred Durst directs children, elderly in first EHarmony ad

Posted by on July 21, 2014

dursteharmonyWhile Limp Bizkit might not be any closer to releasing their seventh album Stampede of the Disco Elephants, Fred Durst is getting himself out there. We already knew he was directing some commercials for EHarmony, and now the first one is available for viewing. In the ad, Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony founder and CEO, is talking to his granddaughter and a friend. So basically, Durst is working with a septuagenarian and a couple of kids, which is pretty far outside of Bizkit’s target audience. Then again, if you told us 15 years ago that Fred Durst would be directing ads for a dating service, we’d tell you we’d eat our backwards baseball cap if that happens. 

Durst helmed three spots for the dating service. According to Ad Age, the “second spoofs the trials of dating as unsuspecting singles trudge through disastrous evenings with a witch and an ogre. The final ad in the series, which is in post-production, is set during an ultra-competitive bouquet toss that’s unrewarding, even for the winner.” 

The vocalist said that the experience working with EHarmony was amazing. “The chemistry was perfect right off the bat,” he told Ad Age. “I’d definitely be open to doing something else if they wanted me to.” And the 79 year-old Neil Clark Warren said he got along well with Durst.

“Everybody thinks that I’m the most serious guy in the world, but I’m not,” said Mr. Warren. “They think that Fred Durst is the most fool-around guy in the world, and they couldn’t see how the two of us would be put together. But he just talks our language and I feel so comfortable around him.”

The below commercial is testing now, and the other two are set to begin testing in August and September, respectively.

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