fred durst

Were you wondering what Fred Durst could possibly be up to lately apart from working on Limp Bizkit’s upcoming seventh studio album (don’t ask me how/why I know about that)? Probably not. Actually, a few of you are probably ready to spit acid via the comments just for mentioning him/the band. But apparently Durst has taken to directing commercials for…online dating? eHarmony’s Twitter sent out this tweet with the image seen to the right:

Our CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren is on set today filming new commercials w/ Director @freddurst ! #behindthescenes#epic

The question is not why Durst decided to do this, but rather what part of Durst’s resume made eHarmony think “Yeah, we’ll hire this guy to direct” Maybe they saw that his band put out an album called Significant Other and thought that was good enough. Or Dr. Warren is a closet fan of Limp Bizkit and just had to have him. Doesn’t make much sense either way.