Kris Norris (Scar The Martyr, ex-Darkest Hour) talks former band’s legacy on Facebook

Posted by on February 20, 2014

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Have you ever read a text message from someone or a status update and think “They must hammered.” That’s what we’re thinking right now with Kris Norris, guitarist of Scar The Martyr and formerly of Darkest Hour. Earlier this morning, Norris posted a since-deleted status update (seen to the right) on his Facebook page that’s basically a rant about his time in Darkest Hour and working with Joey Jordison.

The gist of it is that apparently, he’s really missing his time in Darkest Hour but is also really enjoying his time with Scar The Martyr. Maybe he feels a specials kinship with Jordison now that he’s out of Slipknot, so they’re both out of their original bands and have moved on to…well, something special apparently. Here’s the text of the message:

I’ve been getting lately for some reason maybe its the jordison thing questions about how do you feel about your legacy in darkest hour… it was a legacy it was a bunch of guys writing music together… we wrote some great stuff i’m proud of it always will be a paradox with flies i mean come one that’s a great song… i miss those guys i miss that time … but now i have better things… as much as i love those guys i feel in such a short time joey and i are more connected…. that’s a fact thats what it is…. and i feewhat we have……. well no one can touch …. its our…. i love you joey heres to the new



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