Fans light themselves on fire and circle pit at metal show

Posted by on April 19, 2016

fireMixing things up at a show can become quite challenging these days, unless you’re thinking of having oral sex with your girlfriend in front of everyone, because that’s hard to top. But some dudes in Slovakia wanted to push the envelope as much as they could to make their experience a unique one, and decided to light themselves on fire and get into the circle pit right after.

California hardcore outfit Take Offense are touring across Europe and during their stop at the Collosseum Club in Kosice, Slovakia, a couple of guys lit themselves on fire and got into the circle pit of the show without breaking character and acknowledging the fact that they were literally on fire while wearing robes.  By the way these guys are running, we assume they knew what they were doing, which still doesn’t take away how dumb that was.

Don’t try this at home or any American venue, boys and girls.

[via theprp.com]


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