Dio carrots – now a thing

Posted by on March 17, 2016

Dio-CarrotsWhile Ronnie James Dio hasn’t been with us for almost six years, his legacy lives on. Hell, our most-viewed story in the past week by far is a story about an amazing tattoo that someone got of the singer. But of all the reasons that Dio’s name lives on, Metal Sucks has uncovered one of the strangest ways ever: Dio carrots. A reader who works at a Canadian importer and wholesaler of fruits and vegetables found Dio Fresh Carrots. Dio might have lent his voice to a Bud Light commercial back in the ’80s, but he never endorsed any vegetables that we’re aware of. However, the carrot logo looks a hell of a lot like Dio’s logo, like too close for comfort. We’re sure that the fine folks at Dio Carrots will be hearing from the estate of the singer.

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