AC/DC Drummer Convicted For Cannabis Possession

Posted by on December 1, 2010 is reporting that a Tauranga, New Zealand court has convicted AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd for cannabis possession. On October 7, after executing a search warrant on Rudd’s boat at the Tauranga Bridge Marina, police reportedly found 25 grams of cannabis and another 2 grams in a different location on his boat. Rudd’s lawyer asked the court to discharge him without conviction in fear that the offense may obstruct his ability to travel and tour with his band. Community magistrate Robyn Paterson, however, refused the request saying, “It was not just an accident. You were blindly ignoring the law. You have been playing Russian roulette.”

Rudd was convicted, fined $250, and was ordered to pay court fees. Looks like Rudd and Willie Nelson could have a lot to talk about and share with each other. We will keep you updated if more is revealed. But seriously, if he had a little weed on his boat, who cares? What else are you going to do on a boat? In our opinion, he’d have been playing Russian roulette if he was having crack parties with hookers every weekend on his boat, but having less than an ounce of pot seems like child’s play for the drummer of one of the biggest rock bands ever.

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