What is At The Gates’ teaser video insinuating?

Posted by on January 21, 2014


Since reuniting in 2007, At The Gates have performed a handful of shows here and there. This morning, though, the Gothenburg metal legends posted the above 13 second teaser video containing the text “2014” with obscured words in the background. What could this mean? What could At The Gates be teasing about? Well, it’s quite possible that more shows will be announced (possibly a full U.S. tour to coincide with the Maryland Deathfest). However, could At The Gates be making our dreams come true and teasing a new album?

As of now, we know nothing else about the teaser video, as well as when (if at all) some sort of announcement explaining its meaning will be made. However, it would be pretty incredible if At The Gates announced plans to record and release the follow up to Slaughter Of The Soul. And not to get our hopes up, but Carcass did announce plans to release its successful comeback album Surgical Steel a few months after getting confirmed to play last year’s Maryland Deathfest. Maybe At The Gates are following suit?


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