What are Black Sabbath doing?

Posted by on June 20, 2017

We know that Black Sabbath have played their last show ever, right? That’s what their Birmingham show, only a little more than four months ago, was billed as. But the band have something up their sleeves, and we’ll find out exactly what that is on Thursday. A 19-second clip, called Ten Year War, popped up on the band’s social media today.

What’s it all mean, man? It promises a 9/29 release. Chances are, it’s probably a compilation or live recording, perhaps of their last show. Then again, the band did have The End, a four-song EP that was only available on their last tour. There would likely be an audience for that given that it’s worth at least $30 on eBay. Maybe it’s a DVD about their career. It’s all conjecture right now, but we’ll find out soon enough.


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