Queens of the Stone Age album rollout begins with site tweak

Posted by on June 13, 2017

We’ve heard from people that have heard the new Queens of the Stone Age, and it’s apparently a good one. Antiquiet calls it “phenomenally sexy haunted house dance party excellence,” and it seems like a first single is about to drop to transform our summer from great to even better than great. And while those that have heard it are content to gloat, it seems like the rest of us are going to get a chance to really shortly, as the band have tweaked their website.

As of press time, it’s still a tease. An old-fashioned animated television with limited interactivity lets you click between eight channels, all of which show black and white static. One channel has an isolated drum track hidden amongst the white noise, and another features the line “all my confusion is waving goodbye.” A lyric from the forthcoming single? We’ll find out soon enough. 


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