For Those Who Care: Dino Cazares Provides An Update On Divine Heresy’s Status

Posted by on November 12, 2012

Since Fear Factory released 2010’s Mechanize, Dino Cazares’ focus has primarily been shifted away from his other group, Divine Heresy. And while most fans are happy enough with new Fear Factory material, there are still those wondering what will become of Divine Heresy. After all, it’s been three years since Bringer Of Plagues came out. However, Dino himself revealed in a Facebook post that though many changes are in the works, Divine Heresy is still alive.

Here’s what Cazares had to say about the current status of Divine Heresy:

“Hello DH fans. I just wanted to give you the latest news on DH. Cause there are allot of rumors out there on what’s going on with DH. Well only I can give you the truth. I have 5 songs written for the new CD. It’s technical, brutal and melodic . Everything u would want from a DH CD. I’m currently on tour with FF for the rest of 2012 And part of 2013. When I’m off I will complete the writing process and I will let u know who will be performing on the new CD.

I am currently shopping for a new record company and have some surprising offers. That’s it for now I will keep u posted and thanx for the support.”

We already knew about bassist Joe Payne’s departure, and it’s not too surprising to learn that Divine Heresy has parted ways with Century Media Records. But what about drummer Tim Yeung (currently filling in behind the kit for Morbid Angel)? What’s his status in the band? Well, it didn’t take long for Carazes (or whoever runs Divine Heresy’s FB page) to confirm that he too is no longer in the group, posting the following comment on the original post:

“For all the TY fans he’s busy with Morbid Angel touring on Illud Divinum Insanus. What he is demanding from DH is way more then we can give.

There are plenty of other great drummers out there and we wish him the best of luck on the Illud Divinum Insanus tour.”

Granted, it’s not too surprising that Yeung would demand more to walk away from Morbid Angel (a considerably more reliable gig). And let’s face it, Divine Heresy has always been plagued by lineup drama. Still, Yeung is a monster drummer and his work on Divine Heresy’s two albums is proof of that. What still remains unclear, though, is whether singer Travis Neal’s new gig in Dirge Within will affect his status in Divine Heresy is well.

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