Our national ‘Nails are on hiatus’ nightmare is finally over

Posted by on October 17, 2016


A few months back, shortly after releasing their third album, You Will Never Be One Of Us, Nails shocked the hardcore world by going on sudden hiatus. We might be being a little dramatic here, but given that the band had just signed to Nuclear Blast and released a very well-received album, it was a little surprising to see the band, without explanation, cancel touring and announce they were going away. It turns out that the hiatus was a little more short-lived than initially thought, however, as they’re not only releasing a new split with Full of Hell, but also will be playing live again.

Nails have been added to the Power of the Riff Fest, taking place in Los Angeles on December 17th and 18th. That’s a sudden return to live music following the announcement back in July by promoters at the Camden Underworld that the band had gone on hiatus, cancelling their November 7th show there. A month isn’t that much of a difference, so either the band didn’t want to go to the UK, or they have some explaining to do to the Underworld. Meanwhile, the announcement that they’d be releasing a split 7″ with Full Of Hell was the first announcement on their social media they’d made since July. It will be out on December 2nd. The band’s decision to come off hiatus is honestly not all the surprising, given that the band has essentially shown contempt towards media and some conventions of hardcore. Plus, given all the Nails shirts we’ve seen from after they played NYC, they’ve got a brand to promote.

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