The Mars Volta hasn’t played a show since 2012 and officially disbanded in January 2013 after a public breakup. With the death of the late Isaiah “Ikey” Owens in October of 2014, it looked like the reunification of the salsa-infused, progressive rock act would stay a dream.  Omar Rodriguez-Lopez addressed the band in a 2016 Rolling Stone interview saying that someday he would like to revisit The Mars Volta as there was “So much more to do” when it came to the group. 
Over the weekend, Cedric Bixler-Zavala responded to a comment on Twitter, and with the words “We will be back soon,” gave fans everywhere quite the buzz. It looked like we were getting a reason to plan trips to summer music festivals, and while a subsequent tweet on Sunday didn’t quite pour cold water on those hopes, at least said that it’d be a while before anything TMV-related would happen.

So there you go. The Mars Volta is a thing. Even though it’s not right now. But it might be in a while. 

[via Consequence of Sound]