CJ McMahon officially back in Thy Art Is Murder; hear a new track

Posted by on January 20, 2017

After a year with fill-ins and speculation of what was to come for Thy Art is Murder, fans prayers have been answered and vocalist CJ McMahon is not only back in the band but there is new music. After walking away from the band in December of 2015 because he could no longer afford touring and wanted to be with his family, McMahon rejoined the band on stage at Unify Festival in Tarwin Meadows, Victoria on January 14. Barely a week later, the first track featuring CJ back in the band has been released, and it’s official that he’s back in the band, with a new album coming later this year.

Not sounding too far from where they left off on Holy War, new single “No Absolution” features all of the elements you would hear if the apocalypse broke out in full force. McMahon’s vocals roar over a bouncy breakdown filled ripper of a track.  Here’s what guitarist Andy Marsh says about McMahon’s return:

“A little over a year ago, we were left in a pickle when C.J. had finally reached his breaking point — the physical, emotional and mental stresses of touring, and the lifestyle had taken its toll on him. After the dust had settled, we had time to speak amongst ourselves, and with him, and we were all able to get on the same page. He was able to take time off from the road and work consistently, tick off some life goals like getting married, and enjoy the routine and familiarity of life at home with his friends and family. Conversely, the rest of us kept going, touring relentlessly, playing bigger tours to more people than ever before, going to new countries for the very first time, and had a blast taking a few great vocalists and mates out for the ride with us while we weathered the storm and figured things out. Special thanks must go out to Monte Barnard, Nicholas Arthur, Lochlan Watt, and every other vocalist who took the time to apply in our discrete vocalist auditions.

“After a few months away from the chaotic life on the road, C.J. reached out to us and we started maintaining more regular communication. He mentioned how he had started cleaning up, was focused on working hard and saving for his wedding and enjoying time at home, but he also mentioned he missed the shows, the friends, and us — his band.

“After months of working things out, gaining his voice back, and mending wounded friendships, we are overwhelmed with excitement to announce that we have completed writing for a new record to be released later this year, featuring the one and only Christopher John McMahon. Welcome back, C.J.!”

You can pick up “No Absolution” via iTunes here. Check the single art out below the video.

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