King Diamond Performs Sweden Rock Fest With Members Of Mercyful Fate, Volbeat, And Motörhead

Posted by on June 11, 2012


Technically, King Diamond made his return to the stage at the Metallica 30th anniversary shows and with a surprise three song set in Dallas. However, the metal legend performed his first full show since his triple-bypass heart surgery this past Saturday (June 9) at the Sweden Rock Festival. And fans were indeed in for something special.

In addition to performing an epic fifteen song set, Diamond was also joined onstage by his Mercyful Fate mates Hank Shermann and Michael Denner for a song each. As if that wasn’t enough, Diamond was also joined onstage by Michael Poulsen from Volbeat (which Shermann has been playing in as of late) and Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee, who got his start playing in Diamond’s solo band. As cool as it is to see him onstage with his former bandmates and Poulsen, though, we’re just glad to see Diamond onstage in general. Next up is Hellfest in France on June 15, but here’s hoping that he’ll be making his way back to the U.S. soon.

You can check out footage of Diamond performing “Welcome To The Sabbath” with Shermann and Poulsen above. More fan filmed clips, as well as the set list, from Diamond’s performance at the Sweden Rock Fest after the jump.







1. The Candle

2. Welcome Home

3. Voodoo

4. At The Graves

5. Up From The Grave

6. Let It Be Done

7. Dreams

8. Sleepless Nights

9. Andy La Rocque / Mike Wead Guitar Solo

10. Shapes Of Black

11. Come To The Sabbath (with Mercyful Fate’s Hank Shermann and Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen)

12. Eye Of The Witch



13. The Family Ghost

14. Halloween (with Mercyful Fate’s Michael Denner and Motörhead’s Mikkey Dee)

15. Black Horsemen


[footage via Lita77Swe]

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