Proof That The “My First Hardcore Song” Craze Is Just Getting Started

Posted by on January 24, 2012

Ok, so who HASN’T seen eight year old Juliet’s “My First Hardcore Song” video? Seeing that the clip has well over 13 million views in less than a week, chances are you have. And it would appear that someone is hoping those views will turn into dollar signs.

Not only is the song available for purchase on iTunes, but newly launched website is boasting t-shirts like the ones seen above for sale. For about $25 to $35 dollars, depending on the shirt, you can have little Juliet’s face and/or your favorite quote from the song like “Let’s Open Up This Pit” on a t-shirt or wife beater. As funny and adorable as the video was, we can’t help but ask whether all of this is really necessary. Furthermore, does anyone feel dirty about someone making a profit off of an eight year old girl?

However you feel about this, the majority consensus is that little Juliet’s video kicked ass, with even a handful of metal’s elite publicly applauding her first hardcore song. The NY Daily News even went as far to ask for reviews from people like Revocation’s Dave Davidson, Madball’s Freddie Cricien, Prong’s Tommy Victor (who was eager to offer his services for Juliet’s world tour), A Pale Horse Called Death’s Sal Abruscato and Ricky Armellino, and even GWAR’s Oderus Urungus. However, the tongue in cheek response from Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta is our favorite. Here’s what he said:

“This is pretty funny I guess but mostly it raises a huge concern. What would happen if this video gets even more popular with the kids and things start getting way out of hand. Like 3 months from now she has this huge hardcore crew of 7 year olds. You know, a bunch of little rug rats with sleeves full of temporary tattoos and bad attitudes rolling up to all the hardcore shows kicking everyone in the pits a–. Selling Now and Laters in the bathroom, tagging Unicorns all over the place starting beef with Madball and Agnostic Front. This could really spin out of control. Be careful out there!!!!”

Be careful indeed. You can read more responses, including from Juliet’s mother, over at The NY Daily News. In case you’re one of the people who are really fanatic about the video, you can show off your love for it by buying a “My First Hardcore Song” shirt over at its website.

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