Last week, MetalSucks discovered a tweet thread between Devin Townsend, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato and Heavy Blog Is Heavy. In addition to creating a new loving bromance, the blog’s tweets may have also paved way for a new collaboration between our two favorite metal musicans. After Puciato responded and said he’d love to collaborate, Townsend promised he’d send a new song for him to work on. And apparently Townsend kept true to his word for Puciato tweeted the following in two separate posts two days after (February 17) the love fest went down:

“Waiting on a mix from Devin Townsend…to see what we can come up with on the collaboration front for his album…to test the waters a bit. Pretty funny as well that this whole ball being in motion with Dev and I is due to a twitter suggestion. Modern times for the win.”

Puciato then confirmed the following day via Twitter that he had received the “secret track” and that he was starting work on it right away. It is still not clear, though,  as to what will actually come of the collaboration and whether it will be done in time for the release of Townsend’s two albums Ghosts and Destruction (both of which are expected to be out by June).

However, Puciato will be joining a list of singers that have been confirmed and rumored to be making appearances on Townsend’s new albums. While Ihsahn has confirmed his involvement, rumors have it that Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt, Between The Buried And Me’s Tommy Rogers and Gojira’s Joe Duplantier will also be contributing vocals to Townsend’s upcoming releases. That’s right, Puciato, Åkerfeldt, Rogers, Duplantier, AND Ihsahn are apparently working with Devin Townsend. No one would blame you if you need to change your pants after first hearing about this progressive metal dream. Hopefully, more will be confirmed soon, and we will keep you updated once more is revealed.