Within Temptation have dropped a new song titled “Entertain You” accompanied by a music video. Vocalist Sharon den Adel sat down with Metal Hammer to discuss the song and how it was supposed to be released during the Evanescence tour.

“It was actually because we were going on tour with Evanescence, and we were like, ‘OK, we just released an album and now we’re going on tour again which is not something that we planned that quickly after the last tour. What are we going to do now?’

It’s nice to have new material, so we felt like, ‘Let’s just write some songs and see what comes out.’ It’s just nice to have some new stuff when you’re playing live. Although the tour is now postponed, we still feel it’s a good time. Everybody is at home, it’s nice to see something new, and it’s nice for the fans to have something.”

Guesting on this track is their producer Daniel Gibson who is a shy guy with a great voice.

“He has an amazing voice. He’s very modest and actually quite a shy guy.”

Within Temptation dropped Resist back in February 2019 but the band is already working on new material.

“We’re going to release a few singles every year – at least this year and next year, and then we’re going to drop the album.

It’s more about giving our fans something new every few months. It’s just different from how most people are doing it. We just wanted to give people new music earlier than they expected from us, and there is more to come.”

The vocalist also commented on the meaning of the song:

“We often cannot and do not want to see the consequences of our urge to satisfy our personal needs. To justify or simply avoid the misery we inflict on others, we simply look the other way or start pointing fingers. We should look into the mirror more often and start questioning our own beliefs. We should try to understand not only ourselves, but also — and most importantly — others and the world around us. It’s not the easiest way, but it’s certainly one that brings us further in this individualistic society.”

Watch “Entertain You” below!



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