Watch: The Making of Patient Number 9! A documentary from Ozzy Osbourne

Posted by on September 19, 2022


After the release of his newest album, “Patient Number 9”, Ozzy Osbourne dropped the first part of a three part docu-series providing a glimpse into the making of the album. Released last Friday (16th), with the two remaining episodes to come in the following weeks, the series includes behind the scenes footage, and interviews with Ozzy and the albums producer Andrew Watt.

Sharon Osbourne, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath),Ozzy’s longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo (Metallica),Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers),Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) also offer insight into the making of the album which itself was produced by his son Jack Osbourne. Working with producer Andrew Watt a second time, as he produced Osbourne’s 2020 album “Ordinary Man”, the duo brought an onslaught of A-list help to the album.

Watch the clip below:

Track List:

01) Patient Number 9 (feat. Jeff Beck)
02) Immortal (feat. Mike McCready)
03) Parasite (feat. Zakk Wylde)
04) Mr. Darkness (feat. Zakk Wylde)
05) One Of Those Days (feat. Eric Clapton)
06) A Thousand Shades (feat. Jeff Beck)
07) No Escape From Now (feat. Tony Iommi)
08) Nothing Feels Right (feat. Zakk Wylde)
09) Evil Shuffle (feat. Zakk Wylde)
10) Degradation Rules (feat. Tony Iommi)
11) Dead And Gone
12) God Only Knows
13) Darkside Blues


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