Remember that 82 year-old man who auditioned on America’s Got Talent singing Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”? The veteran made the news around the web to the point of getting to Drowning Pool’s ears and were so eager for the man’s ambition that they stated to be “more than down to party” with him and even invited him over to Chicago Open Air to join them onstage.

Apparently the invitation was very serious and today, Drowning Pool brought Mr. John Hetlinger on stage to sing “Bodies” with the boys in front of an eager crowd and you can watch the video below. Hetlinger was very excited about the show and the crowd’s reaction, stating:

“I didn’t know two and a half thousand in the audience would react the same way that 30 drunks in the bar do, but they did!” he said.

“Everybody seems to think it’s great that an old man is screaming ‘let the bodies hit the floor!'”

Even guitarist CJ Pierce enjoyed playing with Hetlinger enough to consider giving him the vocalist role by saying:

“You know, we’ve had a revolving door, but Jasen Moreno is our man right now. But if he doesn’t work out, we always know we’ve got John on the backburner.”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think: