Watch Rammstein’s amazing pyro display in “Engel”

Posted by on September 25, 2015


Today, Rammstein’s In Amerika DVD came out. If you haven’t gotten chance to see Rammstein’s over the top live show, you’re really missing out. Since they won’t be coming out with an album for at least another year, the closest you’ll probably get to seeing them live is by picking up the DVD and Blu-Ray that came out today. IT captures their triumphant return to America after almost a ten year absence at a sold-out Madison Square Garden. “Engel” is one of the show-stopping moments, as Till Lindemann takes to the stage in angel wings (“Engel is German for “angel”). The whole show is amazing (we were there!), but if this,  “Rammlied” and “Ich Tu Dur Weh” don’t hook you, then go back to watching some anonymous band that doesn’t move onstage or have any image whatsoever.

You can order In Amerika here.

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