Watch Power Trip’s Riley Gale join Volbeat onstage at recent Biloxi gig

Posted by on July 10, 2017

Volbeat are currently supporting Metallica on their North American WorldWired tour. This past weekend they continued the journey performing in cities such as Orlando, FL, Miami, FL and Atlanta, GA. However, on Saturday (8th), these Denmark metallers decided to have a gig of their own instead of taking the day off. The group traveled to the Hard Rock Live Biloxi in Biloxi, MS and during their set, Power Trip’s Riley Gale joined on the stage for the song, “Evelyn,” which initially had vocals from Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway. Footage of this performance can be seen below.

In a Facebook post, Gale spoke about being able to join the  band onstage: 

in oklahoma city I mentioned to michael poulson of volbeat about how I liked their collaboration with barney of napalm deatho on the track “evelyn”. michael asked if I’d like to perform the song with them in biloxi, and I just couldn’t say no. so last night I nervously tried to do barney’s performance justice. here’s the full video. mostly i wanted to say that not only was this so much fun to do, that despite your feelings on this band’s music, the integrity, sincerity, and generosity of the group and their crew is indisputable. they didn’t just ask us out for some nonexistent cool points, but to actually help out younger acts to lead a new wave of popular, socially conscious heavy bands. it’s also great to see the diversity in their crew, with more females working for them than you’d see in the male dominated world of back of house productions. infinite respect to this band and their crew.


Check out their headlining setlist:


“The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”
“Wild Rover of Hell“
“Lola Montez“
“Heaven nor Hell / A Warrior’s Call“
“Sad Man’s Tongue“
“Let It Burn“
“Black Rose“
“Black Bart“
“Goodbye Forever“
“The Garden’s Tale“
“Dead but Rising“
“Seal the Deal“
“Still Counting“

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