Watch Night Verses’ backflip between two drum sets while playing

Posted by on March 17, 2016

aric improtaStage moves are the spice of live shows and each musician have their typical stage moves down, whether it’s swinging back your guitar with your strap or  jumping in the air with your mic stand and spreading your legs like a ballerina. Drummers though, are the the ones who need to be creative to have a nice stage move, but there’s this guy who figured out the best one for himself and that’s back flipping between drum kits while playing.

Drummer Aric Improta from Night Verses has a lot of time on his hand and makes drum videos of every kind but, assuming the guy is in great physical condition, he decided to add a nice stunt and back flip in between both small drum kits while keeping his tempo and hardly losing its beat.

In all honesty, we were expecting him to back flip to a sitting position, as that would’ve been insanely impressive, but even the way he does it requires a lot of skill and it’s pretty damn cool. Check the video below and try to come up with a better stunt than that if you want and send us a video. We will feature it here.

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