Vocal / guitar playthrough Premiere: Silver Talon “Cold Embrace”

Posted by on August 1, 2019

Back in May 2017, Spellcaster split up after losing two prominent members: guitarist / founding member Cory Boyd and vocalist Tyler Loney. While the Spellcaster chapter has officially closed their doors, the remaining members pushed forward and formed a new shredding beast, Silver Talon. The Portland, OR outfit utilized their dark and aggressive power metal tenacity and introduced their next chapter last year with the release of their latest EP Becoming the Demon

Today (1st), we are excited to premiere their latest vocal and guitar playthrough video for the song “Cold Embrace.” For those who enjoy horror and sci-fi mixed with ferocious riffs and original vocal melodies, you will be pleased with what Silver Talon has to offer. “Cold Embrace,” is intertwined with the group’s original shreds to parts from Bach’s Prelude in D as the band commented: 

“Wyatt’s vocal delivery on the chorus is some of his best work to date. If listeners can invest their time and attention into a song that doesn’t deliver a climax within the first 60 seconds, and sort of just experience the song, then I think we’ll have them hooked. It’s sort of like a John Carpenter slow burn kind of thing.”

Watch the playthrough clip below and order the EP here:


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