What’s more death metal than a Porsche Boxster? Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes appearing in a low budget ad for the place where he bought it. Taking a page from the Cinderella playbook, the Cannibal Corpse/Six Feet Under vocalist is appearing in an ad (“actual customer!”) for Park Auto Mall, the place where he bought his 2003 Porsche Boxster back in August. While there may be some metalheads that decide to pick up a car at the Seminole FL dealership because of his ad, there are probably more would-be customers put off by some scary looking guy in dreadlocks from a band called Six Feet Under (who would probably be even more put off by his other band’s name). We hope he got a nice discount for his sweet wheels for appearing in their ad. Either way, it’s pretty awesome, and the best low budget commercial we’ve seen since this one.

[thrashhits via cryogenic husk]