Apparently, some of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s crew members are alumni from University of Oregon and Auburn University. Since the two schools’ football teams will be facing each other in the BCS National Championship game this Monday, Fallon wanted to give one team more than just a fight song. The late night talk show host set forth to create the ultimate college football power ballad for the Oregon Ducks, who apparently won a coin toss to receive the honor. And who better to help sing a cheesy power ballad than ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach?!

Well, this past Wednesday night (January 5), Bach sang the ballad honoring the Ducks live on the NBC talk show. But in case you needed more, a filmed music video for the ballad has been posted online as well. A free mp3 of the song is also available for free download at the show’s website. You can watch the live version above, while the music video can be seen below. Don’t worry, both the song and video are as cheesy and silly as you’d hope a ballad featuring Bach singing about a college football team named the Ducks would be.